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Commercial Plumbing Contractor

A & A Renovations is a commercial construction company with a full plumbing division for new builds and renovations which service: kitchens/restaurants & other hospitality services, institutional, corporate & retail businesses. A & A are well versed in handicapped plumbing requirements & institutional mechanical installations which all present unique challenges that A & A Renovations are experienced in. Please call us to see how we can help you & your business.

A & A Renovations often works with specialty piping mechanical installations on commercial new builds and renovations of all sizes so A & A Renovations has the experience to assist you.
From the initial stages of translating ideas into drawings and drawings into production, creating a budget & a timeline through to the finishing stages of the completion of your project; A & A Renovations will be their with you


With over 30 years of experience on some of the city’s premier commercial projects we offer a full range of services from concept and design through to fabrication and installation.
Whether you are a large commercial or government, institutional, organization, small or medium business our team has the service experience that delivers remarkable results for you & your business.


Your Build, Your Dreams, Your Business


Your ideas and input makes this your build of your dreams


We endeavour to stick to your time line to complete your build on time & on budget


Your finished build will trend upwards driving the buisness to you that you desire

A & A Reno Helping You Every Step of the Way

A & A Renovations Your ideas are what makes this happen when you team up with with A & A Renovations.
A & A Renovations You will never be alone or feeling like a "Cast Away" with A & A Renovations.
A & A RenovationsA & A Renovations will help guide you through the puzzles of a new build or renovation process.
A & A Renovations Our skilled tradesmen will guide you through your blueprints and be able to make any adjustments that may need to be done.

A & A Renovations

Our reputation is built on quality, experience, dependability, and capability.

A & A Renovations A & A Renovations will keep the build or renovation squared off and level so you will be also.