A &A Renovations
Commercial Contractor

Building with over 30 years of experience and pride in our work. Our professional staff helps you every step of the way with knowledgeable advice so A & A Reno can make changes quickly and efficiently to keep your project on time without losing site of the concept of your finished project.

A & A Renovations - Fat Burger/Ricky's All Day Grill Squamish BC

A & A Renovations
Commercial Contractor

Specializing in: Project Management, Restaurants, Franchises, Extended Care Facilities, Hospitals & other Institutional Construction, Retail Stores & Fitouts, Commercial Warehousing, Offices, Hotels, Malls, Sport Clubs & Facilities, Leasehold Improvements, Restorations & New Construction.

A & A Renovations also has full service: Commercial Flooring, Millwork, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Carpentry, Steel Stud, Drywall & T-bar, and Painting to supply all your needs.

Whether you are a large commercial, institutional or government organization, small or medium business our team has the service experience that delivers remarkable results for you and your business.

Servicing Metro Vancouver including: the North Shore, Burnaby, Delta, Richmond, Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam. Cloverdale, Aldergrove, Whistler, & the rest of British Columbia.

A & A Renovations Group

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A & A Renovations - Commercial Interior Demolition


A & A Renovations Demolition is for renovations & remodeling. We work around other operating businesses, stores & offices. Our employees understand the importance of care & respect to the surrounding interior areas & considerations to those possibly inconvenienced by the project.

A & A Renovations - Commercial Carpentry


A & A Renovations Carpenters specialize : in the installation of interior mouldings, baseboards, doors, door casings, paneling, built-ins, fireplaces, Wainscotting, Coffer-ed Ceilings, staircases & Balustrades, custom closets, Dressing Rooms on commercial new builds & renovations of all sizes.

A & A Renovations - Commercial Plumbing


A & A Renovations are well versed in handicapped plumbing requirements & institutional mechanical installations & for commercial businesses. All present unique challenges that A & A are experienced in for commercial new builds and renovations of all sizes.

A & A Renovations - Commercial HVAC


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) the lungs of your business. Keeping you, your staff & your clients/customers both warm or cool in a comfortable clean air environment. Your restaurant kitchen smells clean. Your customers smile. Click below to find out more.

A & A Renovations - commercial steel-stud-drywall-tbar

Steel Stud, Drywall & T-bar

The bones of your business is hidden, your four walls and corners are relied on to present the concept of your business. Let our multifaceted company assist you from start to finish through your commercial new build and or renovation. For further Information & Pictures click below.

A & A Renovations - commercial electrical


Cool light or warm, bright or intimate lighting will set the tone of the nature of your business. A & A Renovations can help from sockets to hand dryers, washers, & panels that control your world so you & your customers will not be left in the dark. Click below to find out more.

A & A Renovations - commercial flooring

Commercial Flooring

Your carpet stained & worn, maybe smelling and showing it's age or is your floors scuffed and scratched and just a mess or just a unwanted mess. A & A flooring is ment to be walked on for restaurants, institutional, hospitality, corporate & retail businesses. Click below for additional Information & Pictures on the types of flooring we can provide.

A & A Renovations - commercial millwork


The meat of your business is the check-out counters, display cases, cabinetry, tables & benches, bars, front desks, Reception and Point of Sale Stations. These important millworking decisions can make or break the look of your buisness. Click below for Information & Pictures for A & A Renovations professional help choosing durable and timeless designs.

A & A Renovations - commercial painting


Painting makes old look new or new look old, dark to light, light to dark. What ever your conceptional goals are A & A can spread colour throughout your business to set the mood and the tone of the environment you have decided on; which in turn your customers will pick-up on. To find more Information & Pictures on how A & A can help, click below.